Speaking at the Firmer Figures Business Show

Rita speaking at the Firmer Figures Business show

Rita Adams was invited to participate at the Entrepreneur Speak Spot during the “Firmer Figures Business show”. Her subject was “Achieving maximum sales with minimum risk”.

Many small business continue to suffer from late payments. For example, Tesco knowingly delays payments to suppliers. If this sort of practice makes your blood boil, you need to listen to Rita’s interview here.

Georgette Rowland Osborne of Financial Gym for Business, who hosted the interview, expressed her luck in having Rita as a guest on her show. She gave a brilliant introduction for Rita:

“This lady travelled from her native Austria to make a mark as a business owner in the UK and she recounts how speaking German gave her an introduction into the world of finance, by accident. She has set up credit control systems for international organisations but now concentrates on helping small to medium sized independent companies get better at collecting the money from their customers and keeping the cash coming in.”

The podcast includes:

  • How Rita began her business
  • Why focusing on customer relations differentiated her from the competition
  • How her softer method of dealing with customers attracted criticism
  • How she changed her client’s game with simple flowcharts and tip sheets
  • She isn’t intimidated by the competition from larger established financial companies
  • Why she prefers customers with bad experiences
  • Tips on how to get money from difficult customers
  • Why one of the biggest business mistakes is focusing too much on selling
  • Which key question she asked of her successful clients
  • Why the most important aspect of managing business finances is not profit and cash flow
  • The launch of her latest online product ‘Payment Please’.

Rita’s quote from the interview was: “Credit Control doesn’t begin when an invoice is late. It begins when you make a sale.”

Listen to the podcast here.

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