Join us in supporting Pay on Time

Join us in supporting Pay on Time


We believe in building good business relationships with suppliers and customers alike.  As part of this commitment, we have joined a number of businesses in signing up to the Payontime initiative.

This means that we abide by a simple set of principles that are as important now as they ever were:


We agree payment terms at the outset of a deal and stick to them.

We explain our payment procedures to suppliers.

We pay bills in accordance with any contract agreed with the supplier or as required by law.

We tell suppliers without delay when an invoice is contested, and settle disputes quickly.

By paying on time, businesses don’t just create goodwill, they also improve their reputation in the marketplace, enhance buying power, bolster the economy and avoid late payment charges and legal costs.

To join a growing list of Payontime supporters and form good relationships with your customers and suppliers that are based on cooperation and trust,

please click on the link: Payontimesupporter

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