Bespoke, Unique, Top Level Credit Management

Process & Strategies

We love setting up processes! We work alongside your existing systems and help you to set up tailored collection strategies and procedures to encourage customers to pay on time.  We audit current processes and write credit policies that are unique to your business.

Professional Relationships

We don’t like using threats and scare tactics – we believe in setting up good procedures so that your invoice payments roll along smoothly. We build excellent rapport with customers’ accounts payables departments, payment follows naturally and customer relationships stay intact – in fact, they improve.


Once you have told us you are happy with the recommended plan of action, we will liaise with your clients regarding payment and give you regular updates.

Together with your team, we can work towards a shared goal of minimising unpaid invoices. If we notice a recurring theme,  we will advise you and recommend corrective action – attention to detail is part of the service.

Alternatively, we can assist your team with the implementation of new processes so you can keep credit control in house.

Positive Outcomes

When it comes to late payers, our aim is to build positive relationships. It can take a while to establish a payment date or a reason for non-payment, so each time we make contact with your customer we are polite but firm. Our goal is to build a positive relationship that ensures future payments are smooth and painless.

Whether you need regular and sustained involvement, or occasional assistance to resolve an outstanding payment, we can provide a service that suits your business.

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